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HowLong (Windows)
HowLong uses Microsoft Excel to calculate the life of your retirement savings. Enter your current and anticipated retirement ages, along with current savings, monthly contributions, rates of return, predicted annual inflation rate, and the monthly amount you think you will need to withdraw. The amount saved at retirement and how long it will last is delivered, and changes as you modify the input, so you can do "what if" calculations. HowLong also creates tables showing the annual accumulation and post-retirement depletion of your funds. Registration allows you to change formulas and the inflation rate field.

For more information visit the Ohio Star Software Web site.

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Publisher: Ohio Star Software
Date: 07/02/99
File Size: 0.05M
Version: v1.0
Terms: Free trial; $8 to buy
System Requirements: PC
Special Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT; Microsoft Excel 5.0+
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