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Real Estate Calculator Suite
The 16 real estate and financial calculators in Real Estate Calculator Suite give you the ability to play with your own numbers as you consider a real estate purchase. From down payment savings and loan qualifications to estimate closing costs, it helps you do the real estate math. The program includes a date calculator, a fraction to decimal interest rate conversion table, sample text for closing credit accounts, a documentation list to help you gather your paperwork, a home inspection form to help you review potential homes, and useful tips for home buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Calculator Suite includes: two quick calculators, two downpayment savings calculators, a pop-up calculator, a mortgage qualifier, a loan amortizer with monthly and annual schedules, a loan spread calculator, a biweekly payment calculator, a refinancing calculator, an estimated closing cost calculator, home seller's proceeds calculator, a rent or buy calculator, and a prepayment calculator.

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Publisher: Ted Co Software, LLC
Date: 08/11/08
File Size: 1.9MB
Version: 4.9.5
Terms: Free trial; $39.95 to purchase
System Requirements: PC
Special Requirements: Windows 98 or higher; Vista compatible
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