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Yahoo! & Google Historical Quotes Downloader
Yahoo! & Google Historical Quotes Downloader retrieves end-of-day price and volume data from free Internet sources.

One of the many benefits of the Internet is that is has brought a tremendous amount of high-quality data to the masses at little or no cost. For many years, sites such as Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money have allowed users to download price and volume data of individual stocks and mutual funds. However, this was not a viable solution for those looking for historical data across a number of tickers, especially for those using technical analysis and backtesting software. This has changed over the last few years, as software makers have designed downloaders that will retrieve free historical data for a collection of tickers. One of these is the free Yahoo! & Google Historical Quotes Downloader (YGQD) from

The latest version of this freeware program can download free daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly historical quotes from Yahoo! Finance, Google, and MSN Money. Version claims to support downloading from QuoteMedia, but beta version has QuoteMedia support disabled-apparently due to changes in the QuoteMedia downloading protocol that have rendered it non-functional.

YGQD uses ticker lists stored in text files as input and generates data files containing the downloaded data, one symbol per file. You can specify that the data output be saved in either CSV format for Excel or as a text file. When downloading data, you can have YGQD download all available data for a given symbol, which is useful when you are just establishing your database. Both Yahoo! Finance and MSN offer data back to the start of 1960, while Google's data goes back to the start of 1970. Also, Yahoo! offers both adjusted data, which adjusts the prices for dividend distributions and splits, and unadjusted data (Google and MSN only offer adjusted data). Once you have downloaded data, you can have the program download only the most recent missing data. Also, you can have YGQD download data for a specific time period. To speed up the download process, you can configure the downloader to use up to 20 simultaneous connections to minimize the download time. Using our office fiber optic connection, I was able to download full histories going back to 1960, when available, for over 7,000 stock tickers in just under 10 minutes.

According to the Tradery Web site, YGQD is compatible with Windows version 95 and later, including Vista. While it does not specify Windows 7, I was able to run the program on that operating system without any trouble.

Overall, YGQD is a great utility for those looking to download mass quantities of end-of-day price and volume data from a variety of free Internet sources. Depending on the type of data you are looking for, this freeware program could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in data costs.

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