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The Budget program is based on a simple model: It is assumed that people are paid periodically, that a portion of each pay amount is needed to pay regular bills and that any funds left over are available to be used in any way desired. Maintaining a budget prior to the advent of computers was commonly done by placing set amounts of money in marked paper envelopes each pay period. This is the concept that Budget uses to help sort in and out flows of cash. Users specifies how much they get paid and how often and the program creates the envelopes and specify how much is to be placed in the envelope from each payday. You can also make a deposit directly to each envelope. Budget also keeps track of how much money is actually in your bank account.

The trial version has no definite expiration time, but various features are disabled or limited. For example, only 250 transactions can be recorded and each bank account can only be balanced four times.

For more information please visit the Snowmint Creative Solutions Web site.

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Publisher: Snowmint Creative Solutions
Date: 01/20/12
File Size: 12MB
Terms: Free trial; $29.95 to register
System Requirements: Mac OSX
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