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myINFOSAFE is a secure digital vault that will store and help organize all of a user’s personal information and that of their family. Unlike online data storage services, myINFOSAFE stores and encrypts a user’s information securely in his or her PC. This means users do not have to worry about divulging their private information to an unknown entity over the internet and worrying about whether their internet connection is completely secure from intrusion. Arguably, the key benefit of online data storage is that the data will remain unharmed if something were to happen to your computer or filing cabinet, such as a fire. For this reason, and for traveling purposes, myINFOSAFE allows users to back up their information to a USB, external hard drive, or even a free storage service such as that offered by Yahoo! or Gmail.
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Date: 04/18/12
File Size: 36.6MB min
Terms: $29.95 (includes 12-months of free upgrades); free 30-day trial
System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista or 7 (no Mac version available yet); Microsoft .net environment (free download); a PC no older than 7 years
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