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Apache OpenOffice 3
By now, most individuals who use a computer recognize the importance of having a good word processor, a way to process spreadsheets and a way to create multimedia presentations. However, contrary to popular opinion, most individuals do not require top-of-the-line programs to do all that and more. For instance, every business student believes Microsoft Excel is a vital tool, but most do not explore the software’s full functionality. For those that don’t delve deep into Microsoft Office products, or for those who have no interest in learning advanced functions, Apache OpenOffice should be sufficient for their needs and will be far cheaper than Microsoft Office. In fact, Apache OpenOffice is completely free to download, use and distribute.
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Publisher: The Apache Software Foundation
Date: 10/26/12
File Size: 650 MB HDD
Version: 3.4.1
Terms: Free
System Requirements: Windows OS, Linux 2.6 or higher, Mac OS X (Tiger) or higher, 512 MB RAM, 1024x768 or higher resolution and Java Runtime Environment 1.5.x
Special Requirements:
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