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Portfolio Optimization
Portfolio Optimization 2014 (PO14) uses Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to identify efficient portfolios of stocks, mutual funds, and ETF's with the minimum level of risk for a specified portfolio return. Backtests of the average five-year returns of 12 randomly selected mutual funds using PO showed a 50% improvement of returns compared to the returns of the funds themselves.

Portfolio Optimization is now available in 2 versions. Please click on a version below, then click Download Now on the right hand side:

1. Windows: PO14 for Windows (3.1MB)

3. Mac OS X: PO14 for Mac OS X (9.5MB).

After downloading the file to the specified location on your computer, double click on the installation file. Once the program has installed, on a PC, navigate to Start Menu — All Programs — PO — PO14. On a Mac, navigate to Applications — PO14 — PO14. There is an example Portfolio called 14djia included with PO14. To run the example, from the PO main menu type:
2, 1, 14djia <Enter>, n, 1, n, 0.1 <Enter>
After a few moments, you will see the efficient portfolio results. Thanks for downloading and enjoy using PO!
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Publisher: David Herron, Benjamin Waters
Date: 03/05/13
File Size: 9.5MB
Version: PO14
Terms: Free
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or greater
Special Requirements: none
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