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    Portfolio Management

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Track your portfolio movements with QuoteTracker
File Size: 8.34MB
12/17/08  PC  14 

Personal Portfolio Manager
Manage and analyze your portfolio
File Size: 1.25M
12/19/06  PC  24 

Value Averaging Spreadsheet (Mac)
Develop a periodic investing strategy.
File Size: 145K
07/18/01  PC  25 

Fund Manager
Monitor your investments.
File Size: 1.92 MB
03/25/09  PC  26 

Stock Sector Monitor
Monitor and track stock market sector performance
File Size: 805K
10/20/08  PC  26 

Tax Assistant for Excel
Tax preparation assistance.
File Size: 3.47M
01/18/07  PC  27 

Asset Location Model

File Size:
02/25/13  PC  27 

Analyze stocks with Toolkit 6
File Size: 30MB
12/09/08  PC  30 

Track capital gains and cost basis of investments
File Size: 4.41MB
04/01/08  PC  35 

Portfolio Optimization Model
The Portfolio Optimization model calculates the optimal capital weightings for a basket of financial investments that gives the highest return for the least risk.
File Size: 0.11M
05/05/06  PC   42 

Portfolio Management (Mac)
Portfolio management spreadsheet.
File Size: 27.4K
08/10/00  Mac  47 

Value Averaging Spreadsheet (Windows)
Develop a periodic investing strategy.
File Size: 39.0K
07/18/01  PC  48 

Amateur Invest
Manage money, stocks and portfolio investments.
File Size: 2.59MB
05/06/11  128MB RAM, 20MB free disk space, Windows operating system  54 

Access historical, live and intraday stock data for use in over 300 formulas. Includes an Excel interface for AAII’s Stock Investor Pro.
File Size: 4.3MB
01/01/10  PC  57 

Investment Account Manager
Comprehensive portfolio management tool
File Size: 99 MB
08/21/13  PC  57 

Personal Stock Monitor Gold
An online investment-tracking application.
File Size: 9.52MB
02/22/13  PC  67 

Investors Calculator
Provides comprehensive results for frequently used financial calculations.
File Size: 2.03M
04/18/02  PC  76 

Portfolio Management (Windows)
Portfolio management spreadsheet.
File Size: 0.05M
03/01/00  PC   97 

Analyze funds, stocks, ETFs, options, indexes and more with Fundwatch
File Size: 3.8MB
11/01/10  PC  119 

Portfolio Diversification Spreadsheet
Portfolio Diversification Spreadsheet in Word 2000 format
File Size: 99.5K
05/07/01  PC  133 

Portfolio Optimization
Find efficient portfolios for stocks and mutual funds in the AAII databases.
File Size: 3.1MB
03/05/13  32-bit or 64-bit PCs  269