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    Financial Planning

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Retirement Planning
Use this spreadsheet to set goals and plan for retirement
File Size: 0.08M
08/05/96  PC or Mac  42 

Portfolio Optimization
Find efficient portfolios for stocks and mutual funds in the AAII databases.
File Size: 3.1MB
03/05/13  32-bit or 64-bit PCs  31 

Personal Stock Monitor Gold
An online investment-tracking application.
File Size: 9.52MB
02/22/13  PC  21 

Investors Calculator
Provides comprehensive results for frequently used financial calculations.
File Size: 2.03M
04/18/02  PC  15 

Computerized Investing Retirement Spending
Plan for retirement
File Size: 0.01M
09/21/95  PC or Mac  13 

Amateur Invest
Manage money, stocks and portfolio investments.
File Size: 2.59MB
05/06/11  128MB RAM, 20MB free disk space, Windows operating system  12 

Value Averaging Spreadsheet (Windows)
Develop a periodic investing strategy.
File Size: 39.0K
07/18/01  PC  12 

Retirement Calculator
Where do you stand in your retirement planning?
File Size: 0.02M
12/10/96  PC or Mac  11 

Roth IRA Analysis
Roth IRA analysis
File Size: 0.09M
05/22/98  PC  11 

Track capital gains and cost basis of investments
File Size: 4.41MB
04/01/08  PC  11 

DRIP Wizard 2000
A full investment tracking software package.
File Size: 3MB
04/12/06  PC  10 

Value Averaging Spreadsheet (Mac)
Develop a periodic investing strategy.
File Size: 145K
07/18/01  PC  10 

Home Budget
A finance management program based on the traditional envelope-style money management
File Size: 1.5MB
11/16/06  PC  10 

$401K Planner 3.0.1 (Mac)
How much do you need for retirement?
File Size: 0.64M
04/01/96  Mac 

Retirement Savings Planner 2008
Retirement Planner 2008 helps plan for your retirement
File Size: 3.2MB
04/09/08  PC 

Document Locations
Plan your estate
File Size: 0.03M
01/14/97  PC or Mac 

Insurance Comparison Worksheet
Compare long-term care insurance policies.
File Size: 0.54M
02/14/97  PC or Mac 

Calculate your credit card debt eradication date.
File Size: 4.35M
11/16/06  PC 

Dream Calculator
Optimize your investment portfolio.
File Size: 5.33 MB
08/11/05  PC 

Mortgage Evaluator (Windows)
Mortgage loan analysis spreadsheet.
File Size: 0.02M
03/01/00  PC  

Real Estate Calculator Suite
A collection of 16 real estate calculators.
File Size: 1.9MB
08/11/08  PC 

J&L Financial Planner
Create simple or complex financial scenarios based on financial events throughout your life.
File Size: 1.2M
07/17/06  PC 

Loan Amortization Schedule (Windows)
Loan amortization schedule to calculate and track loan payments.
File Size: 0.05M
03/01/00  PC 

HowLong (Windows)
Compute the life of your retirement savings.
File Size: 0.05M
07/02/99  PC 

Examining Spending Habits (Windows)
Create a budget.
File Size: 0.54M
03/01/00  PC  

HowLong (Mac)
Compute the life of your retirement savings.
File Size: 40.8K
08/10/00  Mac 

Stock Predictor
Test the performance of investment strategies
File Size: 1.1MB
06/24/08  PC 

Tracks personal finances and helps budget.
File Size: 4.32 MB
02/09/06  PC 

Financial Advisor
A collection of financial tools and calculations.
File Size: 2.8M
11/16/06  PC