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The AAII Personal Finance library was developed by the editors at the American Association of Individual Investors. It is designed to serve as a starting point for anyone interested in learning to become a better and more profitable investor. This library is open to the public and covers the following investing topics: portfolio management, personal finance, stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

AAII's Personal Finance area is your key to successful investing.


You’ve carefully weighed in your own mind how you want your retirement portfolio to look: just the right amount of your assets allocated to stocks versus fixed-income investments. Then, inevitably, the market jumps up or down, and your portfolio is thrown completely off balance. What should you do? The widespread consensus among investment professionals reveals basic truths concerning the appropriate asset mix for the typical investor. A rundown of the major factors affecting asset allocation decisions, and how they may change over time.
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Portfolio Strategies Workshop: Asset allocation and contingency plans for the death of a spouse. A list of practical answers to frequently asked investing and personal finance questions. We live in the largest and most enduring free economy in the history of the world. And yet, we have no standard rituals to mark the entry of our youth into the economy as fully responsible adults.
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A list of practical answers to frequently asked investing basics questions. Starting an investment plan can be daunting, particularly when facing a sea of stock market uncertainty. Taking the plunge can be made easier, however, using averaging techniques. A look at dollar cost and value averaging. How to get your investment program off the ground if you are starting from scratch with little savings.
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There are no simple rules that will tell you when to sell a stock, but an in-depth understanding of what economic, industry, and firm fundamentals drive the price will better equip you for making decisions. A list of practical answers to frequently asked stock investing questions.
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This article discusses the right number of funds for each investor. Hint: if you hold many more than eight mutual funds, chances are you need to do some serious portfolio cleaning. A list of practical answers to frequently asked mutual fund questions. Our annual guide to exchange-traded funds—portfolio baskets of securities that look like mutual funds but trade like stocks.
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A list of practical answers to frequently asked bond investing questions. Since the late 1970s, changes in the interest rate environment have become the greatest single determinant of bond returns, and managing interest rate risk has become the most critical variable in the management of bond portfolios. How you allocate your portfolio among these three categories will have by far the greatest impact on your performance of any investment decision you make.

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