AAII's Guide to Top Web Sites

Analyst Estimates, Ratings, & Recommendations

Analyst estimates and ratings are frequently used by investors to help make a judgment about the future prospects of a stock. The stock price can rise or fall significantly if earnings come in above or below analyst consensus estimates. This information can be found for free on a majority of financial websites. Typically, financial sites will provide high, low and consensus or average estimates for earnings and revenues. The top sites offer earnings and revenue estimates not only for the current year, but also for the next few years. Furthermore, superior websites report analyst buy, hold and sell ratings and track these ratings over time, allowing users to easily see trends.



Where to Find: Enter a stock’s ticker at the top of the page in the Real-Time Quotes box. On the company page, click on the Earnings tab.
Reports the company's historical earnings and consensus earnings estimates on a quarterly and annual basis for the next fiscal year. Shows growth forecasts for the firm, with comparisons to its sector and industry and to the market. Shows current and historical consensus recommendations along with a trendline. Earnings momentum table gives mean estimate and number of estimate revisions upward and downward for the previous week, month, quarter and six-month periods. The Peer Earnings section presents the company's consensus recommendation and key earnings metrics compared to those of its main competitors. Information is offered as a bar chart and in a tabular format.



Where to Find: Type in stock’s ticker in the search box at the top of the page. Click on Analyst Ratings on the left-hand side of the page under Profile.
The Analyst Ratings section of this finance and investing site provides a bar graph of analyst ratings along with a mean recommendation. Ratings are broken down from strong buy to strong sell. Tables of analyst ratings go back monthly for three months; the latest analyst upgrades and downgrades are also provided. The upgrades and downgrades table presents the previous rating and target price, the new rating and target price and the total number of analysts providing expectations. The Earnings and Growth Rates section provides the average, high, low and prior year estimates for the current and next fiscal quarter and current and next fiscal year. Revenue, earnings and dividend growth rates for the last one-, three- and five-year periods are also provided.



Where to Find: Type a stock’s ticker in the quote search box, then choose the Analysts tab.
Provides analyst estimates and recommendations in a tabular format, all on one page. Presents the consensus recommendation and next earnings estimate. Offers recent analyst recommendations and revisions; mean, high and low sales and earnings estimates; historical sales and earnings surprises; sales and earnings estimate trends; and revenue and earnings revisions. Each estimate is further broken down by quarter and year for multiple time periods. Lists the number of analysts rating the stock buy, outperform, hold, underperform and sell along with ratings from one, two and three months ago. Users can buy research reports from quick links provided on the page.


FREE-$299/mo. (free 30-day trial)

Where to Find: Type a stock's ticker in the quote box, then click on Detailed Estimates.
Provides comprehensive estimates free of charge. Offers earnings growth estimates for the current quarter, next quarter, current year, next year and next five years. Also shows estimate revisions and provides the estimate trend from seven, 30, 60 and 90 days ago. Earnings surprises are presented in a table dating back a year. What sets this site apart are the unique charts: The Price and Consensus chart shows the consensus estimate for each year along with the corresponding movement in the firm's stock price; the Price & EPS Surprise chart details each earnings surprise and the subsequent stock price response; and the Broker Recommendations Chart plots the stock prices in relation to brokerage target prices. Zacks industry rank, target price and equity research reports are offered to premium subcribers.