AAII's Guide to Top Web Sites


Researching bonds is not as easy as researching stocks because a single company or government entity can have multiple debentures, each with different maturity dates and interest rates. This is why you may need to consult more than one source. Several sites have extensive bond listings with current quotes, and some sites offer educational content. In addition, the U.S. governmentÂ’s TreasuryDirect system allows investors to easily buy newly issued Treasuries and savings bonds directly from the U.S. Treasury without paying a commission.

 EMMA (Electronic Municipal Market Access)  

A municipal bond database operated by the MSRB (Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board). Contains municipal disclosures, market transparency data and educational materials about muni bonds. Quote information includes real-time pricing, interest rates and historical information for trades occurring on or after January 31, 2005. Bond information includes size, source of refunding and maturity. Personalized email alerts for trading activity and the availability of new information on bonds are free with registration. Educational content ranges from descriptions of various types of bonds to an overview of the various types of official statements and refunding documents.

Also provides information about 529 College Savings Plans on a state-by-state basis.

 FINRA Bond Market Data  


Where to Find: Click on Bonds on the left-hand side.
FINRA is an independent regulator for the securities industry. In the bonds section of the Market Data Center, you can get general bond market information, as well as price information with intraday transaction prices (delayed 15 minutes) for corporate bonds, municipal bonds, U.S. Treasury and government agency bonds. Pricing information includes execution date and time, quantity, price, yield and several years of trade history, where applicable; basic description information and credit ratings are also indicated. A bond screen lets you search by issuer name, CUSIP, type, maturity, yield, coupon type, trade activity and other criteria. A watchlist allows you to track up to 100 issues at a time. Educational material on bonds, bond investing and bond trading is also provided.


Allows individuals to buy Treasury securities online from the government commission-free, including U.S. Treasury bills, notes and bonds; TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities); and U.S. government Series EE and inflation-linked I savings bonds. Also provides certain online services to holders of H/HH bonds (which are no longer issued).

Individuals can use one TreasuryDirect account for all Treasury products. The account allows you to reinvest interest payments and maturing securities and to sell Treasuries before maturity.

Provides comprehensive information on all Treasury securities and U.S. savings bonds. An easy-to-use interface allows you to manage your savings bond inventory and determine current redemption value.