AAII's Guide to Top Web Sites

Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to their diversification effects and low operating costs. They have become an established alternative to open-ended mutual funds and are especially useful for filling out portfolios. The top sites offer performance, risk and expenses.

 ETF Database  

FREE-$199/year (free 14-day trial)

Where to Find: Type ETF ticker in search box.
Offers coverage of over 1,400 exchange-traded funds. Daily news and ETF analysis is free of charge. ETF investment guides and screener also available to nonpaying members. Provides links to educational sites regarding ETFs. Pro subscribers have access to over 40 ETF portfolios and can export ETF data from the screener. Weekly trading ideas, newsletter, category reports, comparison tools and real-time ratings are available to pro subscribers.

 ETF Trends  

FREE-$1,200/yr (free 7-day trial)

Where to Find: Type ETF ticker in quote box at upper right.
Offers data on 1,484 ETFs through an ETF Resume that gives summary, chart, articles, prospectus, fact sheet, composition and holdings. In addition to general information, ETF Trends also reports some risk figures, such as alpha, beta and standard deviation. Users can download a prospectus and fact sheet in PDF format for any ETF. Unique model portfolio area offers five different model ETF portfolios catering to different investor profiles, giving the holdings and performance for each model. An education area can help those getting started in ETF investing. The community area includes a forum, podcasts, webcasts and videos.


FREE-$195/yr. (free 14-day trial)

Where to Find: Click on ETFs.
Provides a free ETF screener that covers over 1,400 ETFs. Analyst reports are also provided free of charge. A performance table can be ranked according to the ETF performance for various time frames. ETF data provided is comparable to mutual fund data. A wide variety of news surrounding ETFs is available at no cost. Analyst picks and an ETF valuation quickrank are available to Premium subscribers. The Cost Analyzer, another Premium feature, enables users to ascertain which funds are the cheapest based on initial investment, monthly investment, return expectations and time horizon.


FREE-$1,188/yr. (free 15-day trial)

Where to Find: Type ETF ticker in search box.
Provides ratings on over 1,400 U.S.-listed ETFs, covering almost all of the exchange-traded marketplace. Main page for an ETF gives current quote data, investment philosophy, style and underlying index, along with yield, dividend, net asset value, discount or premium, top 10 holdings and news. Free section of research area offers an ETF screener, a compare tool and performance data that includes an XTF rating. Subscribers have access to performance heatmaps, performance analytics, fund flows and trend analysis tools, and exporting capability. The top subscription level allows users to print ETF data as a PDF or export it to Excel. An education center is offered to all users.