AAII's Guide to Top Web Sites

Mutual Fund Data

The top sites for mutual fund data are distinguished by the universe of funds covered and the breadth of data provided. Fund data is usually divided into performance, ratings, management and analysis; sites may also have separate sections for expenses and risk factors. Superior sites will provide all the necessary information for investors to make an educated decision as to the quality of a fund and its management. The best sites also provide proprietary mutual fund research.



Where to Find: Type the mutual fund ticker in the quote box at the top of the page.
Fundamental data is provided on the main mutual fund page and includes fees and expenses, distributions and risk measures. Lipper ratings for total return, consistent return, preservation, tax efficiency and expenses are provided, along with the year-to-date Lipper ranking. Users can calculate the growth of $10,000 from a user-specified year. Fund compare enables the comparison of up to five funds. The Holdings tab presents the holdings and a breakdown by sector and asset allocation. Charts are also provided.


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Where to Find: Type the mutual fund ticker in the quote box at the top of the page.
Morningstar is generally acknowledged as the leader in mutual fund research and analysis. Provides over 150 fund statistics, including index and category comparisons, for free. Premium subscribers have access to analyst fund reports similar to premium stock reports. Fund Compare allows for quick comparisons of multiple funds. Access to fund family reports is for Premium subscribers, but a snapshot of basic fund family data is free. Provides a section detailing management, and the expense area is useful in assessing the cost of a fund compared to the average and median. Morningstar's proprietary ratings for return and risk, as well as several volatility measures, are presented in the ratings and risk section. Also presents a star rating (out of five) for all widely used mutual funds. The rating is based on the proprietary report available to Premium subscribers.

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Where to Find: Type the mutual fund ticker in the quote box at the top left of the page.
Provides current fund news, manager information, performance tables and graphs, risk measures and portfolio holdings. One of the few sites that provides daily historical prices. Comparisons to other funds or indexes can be overlaid on the charts. Risk page provides modern portfolio theory statistics for three-, five- and 10-year periods. Also shows number of years up and down, along with best and worst calendar-year performances. Top-performing funds are listed by style and sector. Interactive charting offers full customization. Email price alerts are available.