AAII's Guide to Top Web Sites

Mutual Fund Screening

Similar to stock screening, mutual fund screening sites offer filters to reduce a universe of mutual funds to a more manageable number based on the user’s fundamental preferences. The top sites offer a large universe of funds, frequently updated data and a large number of variables for customizing screens. Special importance should be placed on management and fee data fields. Be prepared to pay for the top fund screeners.

 Morningstar.com (fee-based)  

$195/yr. (free 14-day trial)

Where to Find: Click on Funds, then click on Screeners and choose Premium Fund Screener.
Premium Fund Screener includes data for almost 26,000 mutual funds. Screening criteria is broken down by category and a comprehensive definition dictionary is available. Provides data field quartile ranges to assist users in picking values. Offers 10 preloaded screens that help you get started. After entering your criteria, the screener will show how many funds meet your requirements, making it easy to tighten or loosen the standards if needed. Users can search for data points of interest. Screens can be saved for later use. Passing companies can be ranked according to your preference for each data point used in the screen. A free mutual fund screener is offered but only has 18 data points; the criteria are not customizable and results cannot be saved.