AAII's Guide to Top Web Sites

Market Index Statistics

Market indexes keep investors abreast of the performance of various industries and sectors. They are also commonly used as benchmarks with which to compare the performance of securities, portfolios or funds. Indexes also provide an idea as to the volatility of specific industries and sectors. The top sites provide comprehensive data on well-known indexes, including current and historical performance, composition and fundamental characteristics.

 Dow Jones Indexes  

Dow Jones Indexes are under the S&P Dow Jones Indices umbrella. Provides historical performance overviews of major domestic and international indexes used for benchmarking and market or sector analysis. At the main page, hover over indexes to see a listing broken down into equity, strategy and thematic, alternative asset class, fixed-income and total portfolio indexes. PDF files of the fact sheet and the methodology are offered; the fact sheet highlights performance, fundamentals, sector allocation and top holdings. Real-time values and performance charts are presented. Users must create an account to see the components for each index. Also provides a list of index-linked investment products.



Where to Find: Hover over Indices for a listing of indexes.
Home to equity, REIT and hedge fund indexes. Outlines what the indexes represent and how they are most widely used. For each index, MSCI provides performance, methodology, announcements and index definitions. Current and historical performance numbers in tabular and chart formats are offered. The site reports performance data for international indexes in both U.S. dollars and the local currency. The methodology link provides details on how the index is built, maintained and rebalanced, while the index review presents the monthly changes made to the index. Provides indexes of common hedge fund strategies such as long-short and leveraged equity.


Global, Japanese, frontier market and domestic indexes are offered. Hover over Indexes at the top left to see a listing of index categories. Indexes are broken down by both region and sector. Index returns, values, construction and composition, news and commentary are presented. Fundamental data characteristics are also provided. Daily and annualized total returns are provided and are downloadable into a PDF file. Exchange-traded funds based on the various U.S. indexes are presented. Historical performance cycles and index definitions are also offered.

 S&P Dow Jones Indices  

Standard & Poor's indexes are under the S&P Dow Jones Indices umbrella. Domestic and foreign S&P index data provided. Indexes are categorized by type and country. Factsheets, index methodology and FAQs are provided for each index. Performance data is updated daily, giving one-day, month-to-date, quarter-to-date, year-to-date figures, plus three- and five-year figures. Comprehensive fixed-income indexes, including municipals and global, are available. Total return data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet. Navigation throughout the website is easy. Click on Index Family at the top to select an index type.



Where to Find: Click on Indexes at the top of the page.
Wilshire provides broad market, real estate and U.S. style indexes. The site presents current and historical performance and construction/methodology information such as index membership requirements, weighting and adjustment and maintenance. Characteristics page shows index fundamental data, while membership page lists securties in each index. The Index Return Calculator allows users to track performances of a combination of indexes. Users are also able to input an "as of date" into the caluculator to obtain figures for various time frames.