AAII's Guide to Top Web Sites

Portfolio Tracking

Portfolio tracking services allow the user to monitor a portfolio. Typically, these websites will send email alerts as portfolio holdings or holdings in a watchlist fluctuate in value or as relevant news becomes available. The top sites track a large number and wide range of securities and holdings, update their data frequently and send timely alerts. Certain sites provide the ability to sync with your brokerage accounts, making it unnecessary to manually update transactions.


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Can import portfolios from Quicken and Excel. Tracks the current price, price change, shares held, market value, percentage weight and Morningstar rating in the summary page. Also provides news and opinions, gain/loss tables, fundamentals and insights. Four different views with 75 data points are available, along with a section that charts performance. The X-Ray function, a Premium feature, reports your portfolio's weaknesses in asset allocation, and the Stock Intersection Analyzer lists any stock overlap in your mutual funds. The Risk Analyzer evaluates how your securities interact and measures overall portfolio risk. A nightly email is tailored to your alert settings, such as changes in ratings, estimates and financials, performance, and price movements. Portfolio views are printable. A comprehensive help section that includes data definitions is available. A comprehensive report can be printed on your portfolio as a whole that incorporates several Premium features (only available to Premium subscribers). Website offers strong set of portfolio analysis tools but does not automatically sync with brokerage account.


Portfolio tracker can synchronize with all major brokerages such as Vanguard, Scottrade, Fidelity and TD Ameritrade. The tracker provides a real-time picture of your combined portfolio performance. The dashboard consists of news, summary, performance and fundamentals. You can customize each to display data of personal interest. Performance is represented as time-weighted returns in accordance with Global Investment Performance Standards, meaning cash deposits or withdrawals will not impact portfolio performance. The portfolio tracking tool also offers portfolio briefing emails and breaking news alerts. Can sync with your brokerage accounts if you provide your login and password information. One of the easiest portfolio trackers to use, but does not provide as detailed or sophisticated of reports as Morningstar's Premium tracker.