AAII's Guide to Top Web Sites

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning sites focus on helping you determine how much you need to save for retirement and how much you can safely spend during retirement. Most comprehensive personal finance sites include retirement planning tools for individuals who need to determine how much to save; far fewer websites include low-cost calculators for investors who are looking for tools to determine how much they can safely spend during retirement. The list below focuses on the sites with the best retirement tools and commentary.



Where to Find: Click on Retirement below the MarketWatch logo.
Combines articles, expert columns and calculators about retirement-related topics. The asset tool gives suggestions to retirees based on their income, savings and economic outlook. The retirement planning tool is customizable and allows for inputs on taxes, rates of return and expected level of activity in retirement. The tool also suggests options for increasing the potential success of having enough saved for retirement.



Where to Find: Click on Citizens in the Just for You section, then click on Seniors in the Browse by Audience Group section, and then click on Retirement.
A list of government resources covering many retirement topics includng individual retirement accounts, Social Security and working after retirement. Also addresses situations not typically not covered elsewhere such as qualified domestic relations orders and retirement benefits, small business pension plan options and how employee benefits are affected by an employer's bankruptcy.

 Yahoo! Finance  


Where to Find: Click on Personal Finance, and then click on Retirement.
Offers in-house and outside articles on saving for retirement and retirement spending. Several retirement-related calculators are available, including ones that estimate Social Security income, project cash flow and future 401(k) balances and determine whether or not it make sense to convert to a Roth IRA.