AAII's Guide to Top Web Sites

Stock Data

Fundamental stock data is accessed by entering a stock’s ticker symbol on the site’s home page. Stock data sites usually report current price quotes, company profiles, and financial data, including ratios and financial statements. The depth and range of data offered distinguish the superior sites. Features such as industry and competitor comparisons, historical price quotes and stock valuation techniques are prized. The top sites provide financial statement data for a number of historical periods.


Focus is on active trading. Home page lists stocks with notable intraday moves labeled by gains and losses, new highs and lows, unusual volume and other key trading characteristics. Its stock screener combines basic fundamental criteria (valuation ratios, growth rates, etc.) with technical analysis criteria, including moving averages and candlestick formations. Information on stocks passing the screens can be displayed in numeric or chart format. Maps show which stocks are moving up or down within specific global indexes. Elite membership offers real-time quotes, correlation data and backtests on technical indicators.



Where to Find: Type a stock’s ticker in the quote search box.
Provides common quote stock data including the current price, volume and 52-week price range. Financial statement data is provided for the past five periods annually and quarterly, along with a graphic trend chart. Accessing hstorical quotes requires users to enter a specific date instead of a range. Stock profile includes price chart with insider action depicted. Options data is provided. Links to SEC filings include 8-K, 10-Q and 10-K. Hulbert report shows the consensus recommendations among investment newsletters, including AAII's Stock Superstars Report, for the stock. Insiders section offers insider buys and sells within the last 12 months.


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Where to Find: Type a stock's ticker in the quote box at the top of the page.
Financial statement data is provided for the last five fiscal quarters and fiscal years (premium subscribers have access to 10 years and 10 quarters). Performance history given on an annual basis, along with trailing returns going back 15 years. Valuation section offers multiples for the selected company, as well as multiples for its five-year average, the industry average and the S&P 500 for comparison. Trends in multiples are also presented. Ownership data is listed and premium subscribers have access to ownership history, allowing users to see trends. Key ratios are reported for the current fiscal year as well as going back 10 years. Bond data and options pricing are presented. Premium subscribers have access to Morningstar's analyst reports, which are available on approximately 1,700 investments. Reports form the basis of Morningstar's famous star ratings.