Consumer Financial Protection in the Current Economy

by Paula Hogan

Consumer Financial Protection In The Current Economy Splash image

Here’s some good news for your finances. Just as the public health community has historically developed and advocated for effective public health policies, such as immunizations and clean water, the academic and policy-maker community in the financial industry is currently engaged with similar research and advocacy efforts.

The following are some highlights from an interdisciplinary policy conference held last year at the Boston University School of Management. At the conference, a diverse group of finance professionals shared research and insights about supporting the health of the modern financial consumer. Their work is encouraging and informative, and can also be protective for your own financial planning. (For further details on the conference, visit

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Paula Hogan , CFP, CFA, is a fee-only adviser based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a frequent speaker and author in the financial planning field. She maintains a website at


Tom from Virginia posted about 1 year ago:

Typical patronizing and victim blaming. Guess there are more than enough tin ears in the halls of B schools.

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