Managing Your Portfolio in Difficult Markets

by Charles Rotblut, CFA

Managing Your Portfolio In Difficult Markets Splash image

Following a turbulent year in the global financial markets, it’s tempting to make changes to your portfolio. This is particularly the case if the value of your portfolio is less now than it was 12 months ago. The best strategy, however, is to not focus on last year’s performance, but rather on your long-term strategy.

Focusing on the long term isn’t just about how you view your portfolio, but how you manage it. Here are steps you should take to

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Charles Rotblut, CFA is a vice president at AAII and editor of the AAII Journal. Follow him on Twitter at


Michael from Maryland posted over 2 years ago:

Great common sense advice....practical strategy to keep us on course. Thanks for sharing and re-enforcement.

Warren Laird from Kentucky posted about 1 year ago:

Appreciate the advise. However, Should not one take advantage to take a profit? I don't suggest selling all shares but at times do some nibbling.

Sidney Goldstein from Pennsylvania posted about 1 year ago:

I'm in the situation where I need to rebalance to purchase more bonds. However, the market crashed the day I was supposed to sell the stocks. It crashed again 2 days later!! Now I will lose substantial amounts if I sell to purchase bonds. What's your advice on this situation?

Perry Stearns from Arizona posted about 1 year ago:

@AAII don't make a comment box available if you have no intention of answering the questions posted by your readers. Call it common courtesy/sense.

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