Model Mutual Fund and ETF Portfolios: Waiting for Value and Small-Cap to Improve

by James B. Cloonan

Model Mutual Fund And ETF Portfolios: Waiting For Value And
Small Cap To Improve Splash image

We continue to cover both the Model Mutual Fund Portfolio and the Model Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolio on a quarterly basis.

They both will be covered each March, May, August and November in the AAII Journal. Of course any c

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James B. Cloonan is founder and chairman of AAII.


George from New York posted over 2 years ago:

I am a new member of AAII. As I look at the results published here for the Mutual Fund and the ETF portfolios, unfortunately, they are nothing to write home about. Statistically speaking, I would be just as well off by investing in SPY and going to the beach.

Douglas from California posted over 2 years ago:

The ETF portfolio has yet to distiguish itself- the jury is stillout on its value in one's portfolio

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