Kelvin from Ohio posted over 2 years ago:

Outstanding! Very enlightening!

Jayantilal Patel from Pennsylvania posted 10 months ago:


Barb & Doug Burtwell from Washington posted 10 months ago:

And I thought it was just Greed and Fear.

Jeffry Deegan from Rhode Island posted 10 months ago:

I agree with Jayantilal Patel from Pennsylvania;
let's see this this info on the AAII home page

Joseph Yurso from Virginia posted 10 months ago:

This is a great source of information. There should be a methodology that is easy to retrieve this information and websites. As I access thsse sites I will to my favorites.

Ray Beall from Texas posted 10 months ago:

Home page great idea---

Sheryl Parks from Nevada posted 10 months ago:

Awesome info, very informative.

Melvin Moore from Virginia posted 10 months ago:

Does someone know how to put this information into a screen so as to tell us when to buy or sell? Great data, but the trick is to be able to use it.

Michael Mckeown from Florida posted 9 months ago:

I agree with Melvin. This data needs to be presented in a matter that macro decisions can be made. I'm sure the summary data will only give you the buy/sell for a sector, not a stock/fund.

John L from North Carolina posted 9 months ago:

I agree, great idea, this should be tracked on the home page as key indicators for the economy and investing

Norman Koerner from Illinois posted 9 months ago:

I also would like to see this information on the home page, if the data only gives buy/sell for sectors, Great!
I'll take it from there.
All help is appreciated.

Charles Rotblut from Illinois posted 9 months ago:

I would suggest those of you who want a condensed, updated snapshot of economic data sign up for Econoday's weekly email. It's concise, well written and free:


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