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You CAN Lose With Bonds

Big losses in the stock market have sent many investors scurrying for "safe" investments.

But what is a "safe" investment?

Stocks are risky because stock prices go up and down all the time—sometimes wildly so—and if you have money invested in stocks, the value of your original investment can drop substantially.

In contrast, many investors put money in bonds to receive interest income and assume their original investment—their principal—will not change in value.

However, this assumption is wrong! You can lose principal in a bond investment, and you can make money in a bond. This is true whether you...

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Where Credit Is Due: A Look at the Ratings

There are many factors that individuals must consider when making investments in fixed-income securities. Current bond yields, current bond prices, and current as well as future interest rates all may have a big impact on the return of a fixed-income investment.

One other factor investors need to evaluate is the credit quality of the issuer and the particular bond. Individuals investing in fixed-income securities typically have two major...

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