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Bond Basics for Individuals: A Guide to Buying and Selling

While people speak of the bond market as if it were one market, in reality there is not one central place or exchange where bonds are bought and sold. Rather, the bond market is a gigantic over-the-counter market, consisting of networks of independent dealers, organized by type of security, with some overlaps. Whereas stocks sell ultimately in one of three independent exchanges, most bonds are sold dealer to dealer.

This market is so vast that its size is difficult to imagine. Overwhelmingly, this is an institutional market. It raises debt capital for the largest issuers of debt, such as the U.S government, state and...

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How to Buy Individual Bonds: A Fixed-Income Toolkit

Once you’ve learned about bond basics and reviewed the vast number of bond choices, you’re ready to make decisions on how to invest your funds in bonds. Basically, you have two choices: You can purchase individual bonds, or buy them packaged together as funds. Both choices offer certain advantages.

The most compelling reason to buy individual bonds is that bonds come due at a defined time. Unlike bond...

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