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Taking the Spin Out of Earnings Announcements

Public companies always want to put the best face on their quarterly financial results—that's just human nature.

But it doesn't mean an investor needs to be distracted by excessive 'spin' or downplaying of less favorable information that may in fact be critical to seeing the complete picture.

While the SEC filings (called 10-Qs for quarterly reports and 10-Ks for annual financial filings) are mandatory and there are specific rules about what must be reported in them, news releases are not mandated by law. In fact, companies have a great deal more flexibility about...

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The Sell Decision: What to Do After a Severe Market Meltdown

As usual, no one “rang the bell” when the 2002–2007 bull market topped out in October/November a year back. Thus, from where we stand now, it would seem somewhat lame to say ‘these are the reasons you should have lightened up long before the recent meltdown.’

This article, instead, will focus on what to do in and after a severe bear market if you are investing your own...

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