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What Steps You Should Take When Your Stock's Price Falls

In investing there are a few universal truths. One of them is that at some point, a stock's price will fall. There are myriad reasons why a stock's price falls and it is up to you to determine the cause. By identifying why the price is falling, you are far better equipped to decide if it is time to sell your position or if the fall in value presents an opportunity to purchase additional shares. The key is neither to react every time a stock you own dips, nor to become so emotionally attached to an investment that you stay with it no matter what the news.

The Key: Fundamentals

The decision to sell a stock should be similar to the decision to buy a stock. But the price paid for a stock must be put aside when deciding if it is time to sell. The sell decision should focus on a company's future prospects and fundamentals relative to its current stock price. If the...

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State-Based Exchange-Traded Funds

Update: The exchange-traded funds highlighted in this article were liquidated at the end of 2010.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are continuing to prove themselves as ever-present and almost chameleon-like in their ability to take on many new forms as a perceived need arises. The latest additions to the ETF world are state-based ETFs.

How It Works

Exchange-traded funds are portfolios of securities that are usually...

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