2014 AAII Journal Index of Articles

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For all of our print-based readers, we present below an index of all of the AAII Journal articles that appeared in their respective years, arranged by category.

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Special Features

The Individual Investor’s Guide to the Top Mutual Funds 2014
   by AAII Staff | February 2014

AAII Model Portfolios

Model Shadow Stock Portfolio Rules Amended and Clarified
   by James B. Cloonan | April 2014

Model Fund Portfolio: Replacing a Closed Fund
   by James B. Cloonan | March 2014

Model Shadow Stock Portfolio: Purchase Guidelines and Rule Changes
   by James B. Cloonan | January 2014

Behavioral Finance

The Case for Systematic Decision-Making
   by Wesley R. Gray | April 2014

Stock Screens

Finding Value and Financial Strength Based on “What Works on Wall Street”
   by John Bajkowski | March 2014

2013 Stock Screens Review: The Year of the Bulls
   by Joe Lan | January 2014

Beginning Investor

Determining How Much to Allocate to Each Investment
   by Charles Rotblut | January 2014

CI in the Journal

Electronic-Only Service Launches in March
   by Wayne A. Thorp | March 2014

Financial Planning

A More Dynamic Approach to Retirement Spending
   by Colleen M. Jaconetti | April 2014

Financial Statement Analysis

Calculating Intrinsic Value With the Dividend Growth Model
   by Joe Lan | March 2014

Insurance Products

Long-Term Care of Your Personal Finances
   by Christine S. Fahlund | January 2014

Life Insurance Cash Value: A Practical Discussion
   by Peter Katt | January 2014

Mutual Funds

The Top Mutual Funds Over Five Years: Credit the Bull and the Calendar
   by Charles Rotblut | March 2014

Portfolio Strategies

Reduce Stock Exposure in Retirement, or Gradually Increase It?
   by Michael Kitces | April 2014

John Maynard Keynes as an Investor: Timeless Lessons and Principles
   by John Wasik | March 2014

Stock Strategies

Selecting a Valuation Method to Determine a Stock’s Worth
   by Robert R. Johnson | April 2014

Crowdfund Investing: An Exciting New Alternative for Individual Investors
   by Louis C. Gerken | April 2014

Exploiting the Relative Outperformance of Small-Cap Stocks
   by John Davenport | January 2014

Trading Strategies

To Trend or Not to Trend
   by Ray Rondeau | January 2014