2008 AAII Journal Index of Articles

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Special Features

The Individual Investor's 2008 Exchange-Traded Fund Guide
   by Cara Scatizzi | October 2008

AAII's Best of the Net: 2008 Guide to the Top Investment Web Sites, 12th edition
   by AAII Staff | September 2008

Buying Straight From the Source: AAII's 2008 Direct Purchase Plan Guide
   by Cara Scatizzi | June 2008

2008 Discount Broker Guide
   by Jean Henrich | February 2008

AAII Model Portfolios

AAII Model ETF Portfolio Review and How to Take Advantage of ETFs
   by James B. Cloonan | November 2008

Results Not Yet Final, But So Far, Election-Year Returns Have Yet to Appear
   by James B. Cloonan | October 2008

Model Fund Portfolio Update and a Look at How Various Indexes Are Weighted
   by James B. Cloonan | August 2008

Shadow Stock Portfolio Update and the Disappointing Election-Year Market
   by James B. Cloonan | July 2008

ETFs Get Active: AAII's Model Portfolio and the Evolving Marketplace
   by James B. Cloonan | May 2008

Market Weakness Hits Model Shadow Stock Portfolio
   by James B. Cloonan | April 2008

Sub-Par Performance by Market in Pre-Election Year Drama
   by James B. Cloonan | February 2008

2007 Proves Underwhelming for Small Caps and Value Stocks
   by James B. Cloonan | January 2008

Stock Screens

David Dreman's Contrarian Strategy: Profiting From the Market's "Mistakes"
   by Wayne A. Thorp | November 2008

The Philip Fisher Approach to Screening Common Stocks for Uncommon Profits
   by Wayne A. Thorp | October 2008

The Warren Buffett Way of Finding Excellent Firms at Attractive Prices
   by Wayne A. Thorp | September 2008

Sorting Out the Winners in the Low Price-to-Book Stock Universe
   by Wayne A. Thorp | August 2008

The Election-Year Effect: For Now, 2008 Stock Market Bucks the Trend
   by Wayne A. Thorp | July 2008

Using DRPs: An Approach Focused on Value With Downside Protection
   by Wayne A. Thorp | June 2008

Martin Zweig's Winning Approach to Investing in Long-Term Growth Stocks
   by Wayne A. Thorp | May 2008

Ralph Wanger's Survival Guide to Investing in Small-Cap Stocks
   by Wayne A. Thorp | April 2008

Investing in Proven Growth Using CAN SLIM Revised
   by Wayne A. Thorp | February 2008

Master Strategists for 2007: AAII's Top Stock Screens
   by Wayne A. Thorp | January 2008


Turmoil in the Marketplace: What's Going on With Municipals?
   by Annette Thau | May 2008

How to Buy Individual Bonds: A Fixed-Income Toolkit
   by Stan Richelson | February 2008

First Cut

The First Cut: Cash-Rich Firms
   by John Bajkowski | November 2008

The First Cut: Momentum Stocks With Positive Earnings Surprises
   by John Bajkowski | October 2008

The First Cut: Stocks With Low Accrual Ratios
   by John Bajkowski | September 2008

The First Cut: Real Dogs: Pet-Care Stocks
   by John Bajkowski | August 2008

The First Cut: Dividend Achievers
   by John Bajkowski | July 2008

The First Cut: Using Enterprise Value to Locate Bargains
   by John Bajkowski | June 2008

The First Cut: S&P 500 Stocks With High Payout Ratios & Below-Average P/Es
   by John Bajkowski | May 2008

The First Cut: Declining Total Assets and Positive Earnings Surprises
   by John Bajkowski | April 2008

The First Cut: Positive Surprises With Below-Average P/Es
   by John Bajkowski | January 2008

Hot Links

Web Sites for Exchange-Traded Funds
   by AAII Staff | October 2008

Commodities Trading
   by AAII Staff | May 2008

Mortgage and Refinancing Tips
   by AAII Staff | April 2008

Insurance Products

Insurance Products and Taxes: Keeping Uncle Sam at Bay
   by Peter Katt | June 2008

Investment Newsletters

Long-Term Newsletter Performance: It's Not Easy to Beat the Market
   by Mark Hulbert | July 2008

Investor Professor

Making Sense of Profits Using Profitability Ratios
   by AAII Staff | September 2008

The Bottom Line: How to Calculate Your Portfolio's Return
   by AAII Staff | August 2008

Stand Up and Be Counted: How to Value a Stream of Payments
   by AAII Staff | July 2008

Market Barometers: A Look at Stock Indexes and How They Work
   by AAII Staff | June 2008

Measured Reality: What It Takes to Reach a Net Return Goal
   by AAII Staff | May 2008

Great Expectations: Earnings Estimates and Their Impact on Stock Prices
   by AAII Staff | April 2008

Extreme Anxiety: Evaluating Current Market Levels
   by AAII Staff | February 2008

How Interest Rate Changes Affect the Price of Bonds
   by AAII Staff | January 2008

Mutual Funds

The Dividend Yield: Stock Mutual Funds and ETFs That Generate Income
   by John Markese | November 2008

Rolling the Currency Dice: Investing in International Bond Funds
   by John Markese | June 2008

Peerless Performers: The Top Funds Over 5 Years
   by John Markese | April 2008

Offbeat Offerings

Offbeat Offerings: Credit Union CDs
   by Cara Scatizzi | November 2008

Offbeat Offerings: Exchange-Traded Notes
   by Cara Scatizzi | October 2008

Offbeat Offerings: Mortgage-Backed Securities
   by Cara Scatizzi | September 2008

Offbeat Offerings: LEAPS
   by Cara Scatizzi | August 2008

Offbeat Offerings: Certificates of Deposit
   by Cara Scatizzi | July 2008

Offbeat Offerings: Immediate or Income Annuities
   by Cara Scatizzi | June 2008

Offbeat Offerings: Treasury STRIPS
   by Cara Scatizzi | May 2008

Offbeat Offerings: Closed-End Funds
   by Cara Scatizzi | April 2008

Offbeat Offerings: Investing in Gold
   by Cara Scatizzi | February 2008

Offbeat Offerings: Unit Investment Trusts
   by Cara Scatizzi | January 2008

Portfolio Strategies

Financial Professional Terms: What They Mean and Why You Should Care
   by William Reichenstein | November 2008

Your Portfolio: Maintaining Perspective
   by John Markese | November 2008

The Core Approach to Building an Effective ETF Portfolio
   by Maria Crawford Scott | October 2008

A Do-It-Yourself Approach to Target Date Retirement Investing
   by Ben Branch | September 2008

Optimizing Your Retirement Income: What Works Best and Why
   by Christine S. Fahlund | August 2008

Will Your Savings Last? What the Withdrawal Rate Studies Show
   by William Reichenstein | July 2008

Human Capital and the Theory of Life-Cycle Investing
   by Paula Hogan | May 2008

Clueless: What Graduates Need to Know About Making Financial Decisions
   by William Reichenstein | January 2008

Stock Strategies

The Sell Decision: What to Do After a Severe Market Meltdown
   by Donald Cassidy | November 2008

Measuring Managers' Mettle: A Revealing Investment Gauge
   by Stephen T. McClellan | August 2008

How to Nail Down Your Profits: 20 Questions for a Disciplined Approach
   by Donald Cassidy | August 2008

Money in the Bank: How to Find Opportunities in a Fallen Sector
   by John Deysher | July 2008

Direct Purchase Plans: The Foreign Option
   by Jon Harris | June 2008

The Stock Market and the Media: Turn It on, But Tune It Out
   by Dick Davis | May 2008

The Role of Diversification in an Individual Stock Portfolio
   by Vitaliy N. Katsenelson | April 2008

Cheaper by the Dozen: 12 Wall Street Classics for 2008
   by John Deysher | January 2008

Finding Growth Stock Winners: Focus on 8 Fundamental Factors
   by Louis Navellier | January 2008