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Special Features

The Individual Investor’s Guide to Personal Tax Planning 2013 — Updated
   by AAII Staff | December 2013

AAII’s Best of the Net: 2013 Guide to the Top Investment Websites, 17th Edition
   by AAII Staff | November 2013

Member News 2013
   by AAII Staff | June 2013

The Individual Investor's Guide to the Top Mutual Funds 2013
   by AAII Staff | February 2013

The Individual Investor’s Guide to Personal Tax Planning 2012—Updated
   by AAII Staff | January 2013

AAII Model Portfolios

Building an All-ETF Subset From the Model Fund Portfolio
   by James B. Cloonan | November 2013

The Model Shadow Stock Portfolio and Micro-Cap Stock Spreads
   by James B. Cloonan | October 2013

Frontier Markets Exposure Added to the Model Fund Portfolio
   by James B. Cloonan | August 2013

Three Different Ways to Follow the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio
   by James B. Cloonan | July 2013

A New Fund and Suggested Allocation for the Model Fund Portfolio
   by James B. Cloonan | May 2013

A Look at the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio’s True Risk
   by James B. Cloonan | April 2013

Equal-Weighted ETF Helps Boost Model Fund Portfolio Return
   by James B. Cloonan | March 2013

Higher Prices Prompt Rule Change in the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio
   by James B. Cloonan | January 2013

Stock Screens

Finding Winners and Avoiding Losers Among Glamour Stocks
   by John Bajkowski | October 2013

Lowell Miller’s Best Dividend Screen
   by John Bajkowski | June 2013

Combining Quality Growth With Value and Momentum
   by John Bajkowski | April 2013

2012 Year-End Screens Review: Investors Caught in Political Cliffhanger
   by Wayne A. Thorp | January 2013

Beginning Investor

Debunking Stock Investing Myths
   by Charles Rotblut | September 2013

Behavioral Finance

The Role of Luck and Skill in Investing
   by Charles Rotblut | September 2013

Five Steps for Gaining Control of Your Investments and Avoiding Mistakes
   by Carl Richards | March 2013


Defined-Maturity Funds: A Bond Alternative With Compromises
   by Charles Rotblut | October 2013

Should You Maintain an Allocation to Bonds When Current Rates Are Low?
   by Craig Israelsen | May 2013

Why Buy Bonds If Interest Rates Will Rise?
   by Hildy Richelson | May 2013

CI in the Journal

The Top Financial Apps
   by Wayne A. Thorp | November 2013

Interpreting the Sharpe Ratio
   by Wayne A. Thorp | May 2013

Exchange-Traded Funds

The Top ETFs Over Three Years: Consumer Spending Makes an Impact
   by Charles Rotblut | September 2013

ETFs and ETNs: Knowing What You Own
   by Neil Leeson | August 2013

The Individual Investor’s Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds 2013
   by AAII Staff | August 2013

Financial Planning

Social Security Strategies for Couples
   by William Reichenstein | December 2013

Social Security Strategies for Singles
   by William Reichenstein | November 2013

Social Security Basics
   by William Reichenstein | October 2013

Five Steps for Gaining Control of Your Investments and Avoiding Mistakes
   by Carl Richards | March 2013

Financial Statement Analysis

Introduction to Stock Valuation: The Price-Earnings Ratio
   by Joe Lan | September 2013

Taking a Qualitative Look at a Prospective Stock’s Figures
   by Joe Lan | May 2013

Analyzing Growth Rates
   by Joe Lan | March 2013

First Cut

Combining Value and Momentum
   by John Bajkowski | July 2013

Hot Links

Websites for Exchange-Traded Funds
   by AAII Staff | August 2013

Insurance Products

The Costs of Owning an Annuity
   by Stan Haithcock | September 2013

Investor Professor

How Liquidity Impacts the Attractiveness of an Asset
   by Charles Rotblut | April 2013

Mutual Funds

Money Funds and the Regulators
   by Mike Krasner | June 2013

The Top Mutual Funds Over Five Years: The Bear’s Claw Marks Remain
   by Charles Rotblut | March 2013

Portfolio Strategies

My Investment Letter: Words of Advice for My Grandchildren
   by Charles D. Ellis | October 2013

Using the Bucket Approach With Your Retirement Portfolio
   by Christine Benz | October 2013

Diversification’s Role as a Risk-Reduction Tool
   by Charles Rotblut | September 2013

Protect Your Capital: Never Chase High Yield
   by Donald Cassidy | July 2013

Safe Withdrawal Rates and Certainty-Equivalent Spending
   by Druce Vertes | July 2013

Taking Retirement Withdrawals From a Fund Portfolio
   by Charles Rotblut | May 2013

Addendum: Adjusting Retirement Withdrawals for Inflation
   by Charles Rotblut | May 2013

Why We Don’t Rebalance
   by Jason Hsu | April 2013

A Pseudo-Life Annuity: Is There a Downside?
   by Robert Muksian | April 2013

Portfolio Rebalancing: Observations From 25 Years of Data
   by Charles Rotblut | April 2013

An In-Depth Look at the Tax Consequences of Asset Location
   by Kevin Trout | March 2013

Retired Investor

The Advantages of Charitable Trusts
   by Christine S. Fahlund | October 2013

Determining When to Switch to the RMD
   by Charles Rotblut | June 2013

A Key to a Lasting Retirement Portfolio
   by John Sweeney | April 2013

Stock Strategies

“What Works”: Key New Findings on Stock Selection
   by James O'Shaughnessy | October 2013

The Art of Value Investing
   by John Heins | July 2013

Investing’s Odd Couple: Value and Momentum
   by Kevin Truitt | July 2013

Using Seasonal and Cyclical Stock Market Patterns
   by Jeffrey Hirsch | June 2013

Valuations, Inflation and Real Returns
   by Charles Rotblut | June 2013

Insights on Warren Buffett From His Friend and Editor
   by Charles Rotblut | May 2013

The Liquidity Style: Finding Bargains by Seeking Less Popular Stocks
   by Roger Ibbotson | April 2013

Trading Strategies

Knowing When It’s Time to Sell
   by Michael Kahn | July 2013

Is the AAII Sentiment Survey a Contrarian Indicator?
   by Charles Rotblut | June 2013