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To the Editors:
After reading a Seeking Alpha November 5 article about APLS Alerian MLP [an exchange-traded fund that invests in master limited partnerships, discussed in “New Fund Added to the Model ETF Portfolio,” by James B. Cloonan, November 2010 AAII Journal] and the very high expenses of 37% on the profits, I wondered: Did you consider this when you added it to the Model ETF Portfolio?

Dale Jeremiah

James Cloonan Responds:
While I think the Seeking Alpha articles perform a service in pointing out the taxability of earnings received by APLS Alerian MLP (AMLP), I think that it is a bit headline-seeking to suggest this tax expense (which all regular corporations have) is a fee paid to the fund managers as is the case in hedge funds. There is a letter from the fund printed in Ron Rowland’s column in Seeking Alpha, September 6, 2010, that deals with a number of the issues that have been raised. There are quite a few closed-end funds that hold master limited partnerships (MLPs), and all of them are taxed as regular corporations.

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James from California posted over 3 years ago:

I’m a long time stock investor, a life AAII member, and retired over 15 years ago. I found the various Computerized Investing articles on spreadsheets interesting, but I would like to create my own Excel spreadsheet. The biggest problem is finding a free Internet source for the data to put into the spreadsheet. A single source providing, for example, the annual high and low prices for the past five years; and the same thing for the earnings, dividends, book value, etc. What free website do you recommend?

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