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Comments Posted Online to “AAII’s Best of the Net: The Top Investment Websites,” November 2010 AAII Journal:

Thanks for your valuable recent “Best of the Net” article. Please may I put in an independent plug for the Optimal Retirement Planner (www.i-orp.com)? (I have no conflict of interest). This is an excellent site with an optimizing program for withdrawing retirement savings from different sources, and it is free. Due to progressive tax rates and the compulsory liquidation of IRA contents over time, the issue of how to optimally withdraw retirement savings is more complicated than many realize. The use of simultaneous partial withdrawal

Andrew from Seattle

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Donald Lanier from New York posted over 3 years ago:

In Charles Rotblut's article “How I Find Lower Risk/Higher Reward Stocks” under Valuation, you stated that you prefer a low price-to-book ratio . . . a . . . company should not trade at a price near or less than its . . .book value. I don’t understand how the ratio will be low if the numerator of the ratio P not near the value of B and should always be greater than B. Would the P/B ratio increase as P increases?

Steve from California posted over 3 years ago:

You mentioned TurboTax in the 2010 Tax Guide in the January issue of AAII Journal. Are there any other software programs available in the market or online? Any of them acceptable for Schedule C filing? Thank you so much.

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