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Comments Posted to “Social Security: Delay or Take the Money and Run—Act II,” by Robert Muksian, Ph.D., May 2011 AAII Journal

If one spouse has a low primary insurance amount (or has not worked enough to claim Social Security benefits on their own earnings) and is the spouse with the longer life expectancy, it is likely advantageous for that spouse to claim spousal benefits at age 66, since spousal benefits do not accrue delayed retirement credits beyond full retirement age. Meanwhile, the spouse with the high primary insurance amount can delay retirement and accrue delayed retirement benefits in order to maximize the surviving spouse’s eventual benefits. The exact analysis needs to take into account both spouses’ income records, ages, life exp

Milton from New Jersey

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Timothy from North Dakota posted over 2 years ago:

What is the best approach to hedge against the upcoming inflation that is here and will continue for the next few years??

Charles from Illinois posted over 2 years ago:


Historically, stocks have provided the best hedge against inflation over the long-term. Buying bonds with different maturities and then reinvesting the proceeds into new bonds as they mature will allow you to lower the risk of your portfolio while capturing potentially higher interest rates without having to forecast what those rates will be. You can also own inflation-adjusted bonds, such as TIPS. - Charles Rotblut

Alan from Colorado posted over 2 years ago:

I found the last newsletter (AAII's Stock Selection Tool) from Mr. Wayne Thorpe difficult to read due to the dark grey background. Could the background be changed to yellow or another color that is easier to read and doesn't drain printer ink when printed?

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