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    To the Editor:

    I note that Marilyn Cohen [“Tug of War in the Bond Market,” June 2011 AAII Journal] is scheduled to speak at the AAII Investor Conference on November 10–12, 2011. I attended a previous conference but cannot justify attending future conferences unless the investment in municipal bonds and methods to cope with a major inflation are covered in more depth. Since your survey of asset allocation shows bonds and bond funds at approximately 19%, perhaps in the future you can justify more programming in this area of interest.

    Milton Zipper

    Comment Posted to “Using SEC Filings to Identify Risk Factors,” an Interview With Michelle Leder, June 2011 AAII Journal:

    Very helpful article. I think that I have a newfound respect for SEC filings. I am going to do a bit of research on the companies that I have stock investments in and see j

    Robert from Virginia

    Comments Posted to “Adding Alternative Investments to a Stock/Bond Portfolio,” an Interview With Phil DeMuth, Ph.D., July 2011 AAII Journal:

    I was disappointed by the Q&A with Phil DeMuth. I learned a few facts, but nothing that is going to change my current strategies. Too much “verbal hedging.” Ahh, but! The reader comments online got me thinking and reacting!! Thanks, all.

    Bill from New York

    A lot of verbiage but not much light. I have been reading the same “advice” in dozens of other places since 2008. Nothing concrete here. If the return of hedge funds is between stocks and bonds, why bother, particularly with their expenses? As has been pointed out by other AAII members, 12% divided in three sectors is hardly a big deal. How about interviewing someone who is putting their suggestions on the line? The comments (posted to AAII.com) are the

    Richard from California

    Comment Posted to “Aging’s Adverse Impact on Decision Making,” by Charles Rotblut, CFA, July 2011 AAII Journal:

    This was a very interesting article. We all have to be realistic about the effect of aging on our mental skills as we age. I agree with most of this article, and I have about 10% of our liquid assets in a variable annuity with Vanguard. I have not annuitized yet, but I am scheduled to do so in four years at age 75. I have options before and at that time, so I will be interested in any future information on why annuities are recommended and what type (fixed or variable).

    Charles from Florida

    Comment Posted to “Delaying Retirement, But Not Your Retirement Dreams,” by Christine S. Fahlund, Ph.D., CFP, July 2011 AAII Journal:

    I like the idea of staying mentally stimulated, and a job sometimes provides mental stimulus. If we look at research about brains, it is important to stay stimulated by relationships also. This helps with brain health. So having a lighter work schedule and being able to do other activities while not using retirement income and funds makes good solid sense to me. One would still get the stimulation from contact with the workplace.

    Barbara from New York

    Comments Posted to “Chasing Dividend Yield for Income: Three Reasons to Be Wary,” by Rod Greenshields, CFA, July 2011 AAII Journal:

    I would conclude more strongly than the author that at the end of the day, total returns are all that matters.

    Gareth from Minnesota

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    There are several studies that contradict the Russell attitude. In addition, Greenshields restricts himself to the U.S. Since we are global, take a look at global stocks, where dividends are more “normal.” In a decade of negative returns and bleak prospects, give me stocks with dividends and appropriate diversification.

    Don from Texas


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