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    Introducing Two New AAII Emails

    AAII recently launched two helpful emails for AAII members and Computerized Investing subscribers.

    The first is the AAII Weekly Features email. Available to all AAII members and sent out every Tuesday, you see a synopsis of the latest articles presented on the AAII.com home page. These include articles from the most recent issue of the AAII Journal and other articles that are currently relevant.

    You also get notified of the most recent stock and industry research from Standard & Poor’s published on AAII.com for AAII members. Each Weekly Features email includes the S&P Focus Stock of the Week, a stock handpicked by the analysts at Standard & Poor’s. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the stock, including an evaluation of its business model, financial strength and valuation.

    The S&P Industry Profile discusses a specific industry, handpicked by the analysts at Standard & Poor’s. You learn about a different industry each week, including both positive and negative trends. It is a valuable report for observing the broader issues that could impact the individual stocks you own.

    Computerized Investing subscribers are also eligible to receive the weekly Computerized Investing email. This email, sent every Saturday, highlights the best content about technology and trading.

    Furthermore, subscribers will be treated to three special features from the Computerized Investing website. The first, Download of the Week, highlights useful software programs designed to assist you with managing your finances and analyzing your investments. The second alternates between Featured App, a handpicked application that allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet computer (e.g., your iPad) into a money management device, and Sitelight, a website highlighted for its investment analysis, research, tracking or educational content. The third special feature is Gadget Corner, a review of hardware, gadgets and other useful devices.

    Additional AAII Emails

    The AAII Weekly Features and Computerized Investing emails are just two of the useful emails that AAII provides.

    Among the others is the AAII Investor Update. Every Thursday, AAII Journal Editor Charles Rotblut provides analysis of the current financial and investing trends. Not only do you find out what is happening, but you also get strategies for long-term investing success. Plus, you get a preview of the forthcoming week’s economic calendar and the latest results from the weekly AAII Sentiment Survey.

    The Getting Started email shows you how to take advantage of the key benefits AAII has to offer. Periodically, AAII President John Bajkowski walks you through a variety of AAII features, including the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio, our Guide to ETFs, and our portfolio management tools. Whether you are a new member or want a refresher on how to get the most out of AAII.com, this is an email you will want to receive.

    Want to know when the latest AAII Journal is available? The AAII Journal Update is a monthly email that provides notification when the latest issue has been posted to AAII.com. This email provides an overview of the Journal with direct links to articles in the new issue.

    Users of our stock screens will want to subscribe to the AAII Stock Screens Update. Once a month, you receive an alert that the AAII.com stock screens have been updated with the latest stock lists. You are also treated to a featured screen of the month, selected by our assistant financial analyst, Joe Lan.

    How to Subscribe

    You can see a full list of the emails we offer and subscribe and easily manage your email subscriptions on AAII.com. Just visit www.aaii.com/email and select the emails you want to receive.

    Notifications and Alerts

    We have over 40 local chapters across the country. To receive electronic notices about the upcoming meetings in your area, simply go to www.aaii.com/my-account/chapter, select the chapters you are interested in and enter your email address at the bottom of the page. As new meetings dates approach, you will receive an email announcement with details about each event.

    Subscribers to our Stock Superstars Report are eligible to receive weekly portfolio alerts. These emails inform you of the portfolio’s weekly performance, alert you of any changes to the portfolio and provide you with the latest news on the stocks held in the portfolio. To receive this weekly email, go to www.stocksuperstars.com and click on the Weekly Update tab at the top of the page. You will then see a link to sign up to receive the SSR Weekly Email Alert.

    SPECIAL OFFER: Get AAII membership FREE for 30 days!

    AAII Financial Summary

    Annually, AAII publishes its year-end balance sheet for members and life members interested in the finances of the association. Prior years’ balance sheets can be found online in the Member News sections of past AAII Journals.

    American Association of Individual Investors Balance Sheet: December 31, 2010

      Liabilities and Fund Balance
    Current Assets $1,251,499 Accounts Payable $211,039
    Investments 6,921,318 Deferred Membership Revenue 2,384,622
    Net Fixed Assets 35,133 Deferred Life Membership Revenue 12,579,030
      Fund Balance -6,966,741

     Total Assets $8,207,950  Total Liabilities and Fund Balance $8,207,950
    Note: Deferred membership revenue is recognized periodically as income over the membership period. Deferred life membership revenue is recognized periodically as income over a 25-year period. This accrual method of accounting reflects the association’s long-term obligation to its members.

    AAII Investor Conference 2011: Keynote Speakers This Fall in Las Vegas

    This November, AAII will be hosting our Investor Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we are pleased to announce that we’ve arranged for two well-respected and prominent investment professionals to provide their view of the markets to our members.

    Opening Session

    The AAII Conference Keynote Opening Session will feature Sam Stovall and a discussion of his “Outlook 2012: Time to Buy or Bail?” Sam is the chief investment strategist for Standard & Poor’s Equity Research. As an analyst, publisher and communicator of S&P’s outlooks for the economy, Sam’s in-depth discussion at the fall AAII Investor Conference is a must-see. He will dig into what makes the current market, sectors, and stocks tick while discussing how he foresees things moving forward in 2012 and beyond.

    Luncheon Session

    The Keynote Luncheon Session will feature Joel Greenblatt, author and managing partner and co-CIO of Gotham Asset Management. During his luncheon presentation entitled “The Big Secret for the Small Investor,” Joel will chronicle the investment advantages that the individual investor has. He will explain how you can beat the market by following an approach that relies on the principles of value investing, common sense and quantitative discipline. Along the way, he’ll discuss how to find “investment value,” how markets work and what really happens on Wall Street.

    The 2011 AAII Investor Conference is being held at the Conference Center of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from Thursday, November 10 to Saturday, November 12, 2011, and AAII has a block of discounted sleeping rooms at the nearby Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The event features over 25 educational presentations and 30 investor workshops. The member attendee fee is $295. Attendees will receive full access to all presentations, the keynote luncheon, the welcome reception, a Forbes panel discussion, the Smart Investor Exhibit Hall and complimentary continental breakfasts.

    To learn more about this special AAII event, please visit www.aaii.com/conference.

    New Supplemental Benefit: Introducing the AAII Visa Credit Card by Capital One

    AAII is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Capital One to give our members access to an AAII affinity credit card that provides you with your choice of rewards or miles.

    As an AAII member with a Capital One Visa Reward Card, you’ll benefit from the following:

    • Earn 1.25 miles per dollar spent
    • Redeem Rewards for travel, merchandise, gift cards or cash
    • No Annual Fee
    • Low introductory APR

    Plus, you can shoose an image for your card that highlights your support for AAII.

    Apply today by visiting www.aaiicard.com.

    Academic Awards: Fostering Investment Education and Research

    Four papers won awards for investment research from AAII in 2010. The awards are presented as part of AAII’s ongoing effort to encourage education and research in the area of investments and are given for papers that provide insight into investing.

    The awards are made in conjunction with the meetings of major finance associations around the country. The best academic paper in investments presented at these meetings is selected by a committee of investment research experts.

    AAII awards the writers of winning papers $1,000, and papers are selected based on the quality and thoroughness of research and on the contribution to shaping effective investment decisions.

    “Research that rigorously tests old investment theories or proposes new approaches to investment decisions based upon analysis of financial data is particularly meaningful for individual investors,” says John Markese, vice-chairman of AAII.

    Since the program began in 1983, over 139 awards have been presented. The award-winning papers and recipients for 2010 include:

    “The Predictive Power of Limit Order Book for Future Volatility, Trade Price, and Speed of Trading,” by Pankaj Jain, Pawan Jain and Thomas H. McInish of the University of Memphis, awarded by the Eastern Finance Association.

    “Nature or Nurture: What Determines Investor Behavior,” by Amir Barnea and Henrik Cronqvist of Claremont McKenna College and Stephan Siegel of University of Washington, awarded by the Financial Management Association.

    “The 52-Week High, Momentum, and Predicting Mutual Fund Returns,” by Travis Sapp of Iowa State University, awarded by the Southern Finance Association.

    “The Impact of Government Interventions on CDS and Equity Markets,” by Frederic Schweikhard and Zoe Tsesmelidakis of Goethe University Frankfurt, awarded by the Southwestern Finance Association.

    These papers are technical; however, the AAII Journal does publish the findings of papers that are of particular interest to individual investors. If you would like a copy of a paper, you can contact Anna Neher at (800) 428-2244 or aneher@aaii.com.

    Supplemental Benefits

    AAII offers several supplemental benefits to members. These include discounts on financial publications, such as Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal, an insured money market deposit program from Discover Bank and an affinity credit card program provided by Capital One.

    We view these programs as supplemental benefits and do not want to lose sight of our main purpose. However, many of these programs are helpful to a significant number of our members; in some cases, they provide AAII with additional income. For example, with the Discover money market program, AAII receives 0.05% per year on the outstanding deposits. These funds help us to support our investment research grants and to educate individual investors.

    Future supplemental benefits will also be offered as opportunities, and not as recommendations. Only you can decide what is best for you.

    AAII.com Privacy Policy

    Our goal at AAII is to offer you the best investor education in a simple and secure manner over the Internet. We gather member information in order to provide an investor-friendly service.

    We request your email address as part of the registration process for AAII.com. We use this information to contact our members and guest users regarding updates to the site and to personalize the service. Your email address is secure and will never be released to any third party.

    To improve our website, we regularly track usage through log analysis to understand how our members, in aggregate, are using the site.

    The information we collect through log analysis is not specific to any one user and remains confidential. This information is used to determine popular areas of the site by measuring clicks and the length of time a member spends on a page. We keep track of this data for determining trends and statistics internally.

    AAII.com uses cookies to remember your login settings. This allows you to move through the site and certain member security points without any disturbance. Our site is set to keep you logged in for 60 minutes. This means that during a single browser session you can wander to any other site and come back to AAII.com and remain logged in. We are in no way extracting personal information through the use of computer cookies.

    AAII does maintain a subscriber list and we do on occasion make portions of this list available to carefully screened companies that offer personal finance products and services that we believe may be of interest to the members of AAII. If you do not want to receive these offers, please let us know by contacting AAII Member Services at (800) 428-2244.


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