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Mrs.Jerry from TX posted over 5 years ago:

Thanks for timely info on municipals.

Would be helpful for article on recordkeeping to include:
Buying accrued interest
Buying at premium
Buying at discount
Recordkeeping needed at sale, maturity or early redemption

Prem from PA posted over 5 years ago:

I want to thank Dr. cloonan for a great service, help and education to individual investors and his insights and knowledge about invesments. I want to ask a question about Model Shadow porfolio and SSR Report which is more risky and higher return. Second I want to thank Dr. Cloonan about a new concept correlation coeffcient to reduce portfolio risk but not reduce return and using REITS to reduce overall risk but not reduce reurn.
I will appreciate if he makes some comments and also how I can find information about stock correlation coefficients.
Thanks again,
Yours Sincerely(jindalprem@yahoo.com)

EdwardjK from NJ posted over 5 years ago:

David from Maryland eschews the bucket strategy because of "...the whims of the stock market". He further states, "Retirement is completely about income replacement. My income in retirement has to be there."

Either David is very rich or he and his wife will never retire. Following the logic, David's net worth on his day of retirement must equal his projected spending throughout the 30-40 year period, already adjusted for future inflation. In order to achieve this, David needs to accurately forecast his future spending, anticipate unforeseen emergency and medical expenses, accurately forecast future inflation, and know the exact dates he and his wife will die.

Good luck David.

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