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Using Rebalancing as a Portfolio Strategy

Comments posted to “Why We Don’t Rebalance,” by Jason Hsu, in the April 2013 AAII Journal:

I find the consequences of taxes to be a major disincentive to rebalancing, particularly when the effect of rebalancing on portfol

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jpera from California posted 11 months ago:

The april journal is not downloadable on and it is evidently not posted. can you please post?

Charles Rotblut from Illinois posted 11 months ago:

Hi Jpera,

You can download a .pdf of the April AAII Journal at: http://www.aaii.com/files/completejournal/AAIIJournal_April2013_2623.pdf

If you want to view the issue online, you can access it at:

-Charles Rotblut

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