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Charles Hoffman from LA posted over 5 years ago:

The Annual" Guide to Personal Tax Planning" is my prime reference ; it's super.
Qustion : Will the Guide be updated for 2013 prior to the next regular update? Will you do it more frequently on AAII.com?
Frequent updates may be required unless congress can get its act together by the next debt crisis .
Thanks, C H

Lyal Gustafson from WI posted over 5 years ago:

It is now over two weeks since the new tax law has been passed. Where are the new tax tables? Yes, the IRS web site has them, scattered about and not so easy to cipher.
But what about AAII's UPDATE?
And what about that link to a "tax guide" that links us to the "Guide for 2010 Taxes?"
Good grief. It's 2013 now.

Stephen Schuster from MD posted over 5 years ago:

The publication was already delayed, and an additional delay would have been better than the waste of ink, paper, and postage shipping the January Journal as published. I expect more from AAII.

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