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    Distributing IRA Funds After Retirement

    Comments posted to “Using the Bucket Approach With Your Retirement Portfolio,” by Christine Benz, in the October 2013 AAII Journal:

    This is a valuable article for my wife and myself as we enter retirement. We have retirement money in both tax-sheltered and taxable accounts and in the tax-sheltered accounts, there are both tax-deferred (RMDs required) and Roth (tax-free) IRA funds. While I assume the taxable accounts would be used to fund Bucket 1, is there a rule of thumb on where the Roth IRA money should be placed? I assume it’s Bucket 3, where this tax-free money has a long time to grow without being subject to RMD withdrawals, but I’m not sure. Thanks for any insights you may be able to provide.

    — CNS from Massachusetts

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