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Comment posted to “The Individual Investor’s Guide to Personal Tax Planning 2013,” by AAII staff, in the December 2013 AAII Journal.

In the Estate Tax section, there is a typo saying for 2014 the total effective exclusion would be $10.68 billion; I believe t

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Lawrence Flescher from Wisconsin posted 2 months ago:

It would also be nice to see a treatment of benefit choices after divorce. The workers at SS give conflicting accounts. Any advice?

Mary Dehoff from Arizona posted 2 months ago:

I began to collect my benefit at age 62. I would reach the break point (should have done it another way) at age 85. I do not believe that by the time I am 85 (10 years from now) those of us with assets will be eligible for any social Security benefit. We will be means tested out of benefits.

If I am wrong, I doubt it will affect the amount of steak I eat.


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