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    Top Funds Performance

    Comment posted to “The Top Mutual Funds Over Five Years: Credit the Bull and the Calendar,” by Charles Rotblut, CFA, in the March 2014 AAII Journal.
    Several good points in this article may suggest the need for a new short-term performance metric. What do you think about publishing the average of the five-year performance and the six-year performance? This mutes the effect of a sudden drop in return that may actually reward funds that did an exceptionally bad job in the year prior to the five-year period. It may also provide a more relevant metric than the 10-year average return.
    — Fred Evans from Ohio

    Lessons From Keynes’ Investing Style

    Comments posted to “John Maynard Keynes as an Investor: Timeless Lessons and Principles,” by John Wasik, in the March 2014 AAII Journal.

    Even after 1928, it does not sound like Keynes was a passive investor, from the perspective that he selected the companies he bought based on a specific set of criteria. That’s quite different from buying an index fund.
    — Neil Hoffmann from Pennsylvania

    Although AAII gives the same advice elsewhere, “Keynes’ 10 Keys to Wealth” hit the spot, particularly the 10th item.
    —G. Muren from Connecticut 

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    Ashok Choksi from CA posted over 2 years ago:

    I came across a prediction by a highly reputed analyst, in the sense that his previous predictions have proved to be very accurate in terms of their timing and substance, that the stock market is headed for a bigger recession than that of 2008. Stock prices, according to him, will drop by 40 per cent from their current levels within the next six months.

    Do such predictions pass under your radar?


    Ashok Choksi

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