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    John Bogle’s Insights on Investor Mistakes

    Comment posted to “Common Investor Mistakes and Other Investing Insights,” an interview with John C. Bogle, in the July 2014 AAII Journal.

    I keep re-arranging the deck chairs because I keep thinking it will make me smarter. Thank you, Mr. Bogle, for your wisdom.

    —Vernon Lewis from California

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    Richard Berwanger from MD posted over 2 years ago:

    Concerning asset allocation of stocks/bonds whatever it is for you e.g. 60/40 70/30. Would this still be reasonable in a rising interest rate time - wouldn't you be in bonds that are falling in price and rebalance into more bonds as stock prices rise. For the last 30 years interest rates have fallen - so it worked.

    Ashok Choksi from CA posted over 2 years ago:

    If I recall the dialogue correctly Elizabeth Taylor advises the late James Dean: "Money is not everything". To which he quips: "When you have it".
    So we are talking about most of us who have some dough. But we forget: It is not everything.
    The best advice one can follow as an investor in the stock/bond markets is: Not to be overwhelmed by the meticulous "What Works" compendium of advisory articles and books. After all money is not everything when you have a more or less secure livelihood. Play with it here and there but, for Pete's sake, don't let us identify ourselves with "money", become too attached to making more and more of it, neglecting the vast panorama of life, living and relationships.

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