AAII's Guide to the Top Investment Web Sites, 14th Edition, 2010

AAII's Guide To The Top Investment Web Sites, 14th Edition, 2010 Splash image

As the Internet continues to evolve, so does our annual Best of the Net Guide. The 14th edition highlights many of the websites that have won our praise for many years, as well as several newcomers. In addition, we’re paying more attention to whether a site provides videos, a medium that is almost ubiquitous.

We also continue to adapt to the growing popularity of social networking. While we once again discuss previous favorites, we have added a brand new section about Twitter as well.

Click here to view the Top Web Sites.

Perhaps the most important Internet innovation for investors is increased emphasis on usability. Many websites have either been updated or redesigned to make it easier for visitors to locate and use tools and information.

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Andrew from Washington posted over 3 years ago:

Please may I put in an independent plug for ( I have no conflict of interest) . This is an excellent site of an optimizing program for withdrawing retirement savings from different sources and is free - although it welcomes donations. Due to progressive tax rates and the compulsory liquidation of IRA contents over time the issue of how to withdraw retirement savings optimally is more complicated than many commentators realize. The use of simultaneous partial withdrawal should be considered rather than a simple taxable->IRA->Roth sequence. Andrew from Seattle.

Steve from Connecticut posted over 3 years ago:

While I enjoy reading your "Best of the Net" article each year, I am always left wodering why AOL Finance (now called Daily Finance) never seems to make it into your publication. In addition to the comprehensive nature of the service, it seems to be the only one which provides totals across portfolios. It also is quite flexible and easy to work with. What is it missing that the services you choose over it provide? In a similar vein, what doesn't the Morningstar service offer that you place it in the Stock Screening category and not in the Comprehensive category? I find it a very comprehensive site offering many more options/features than what is available in your selections.

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