Martin from NJ posted over 6 years ago:

A really great website that I didn't see listed here is FinViz.com (Financial Vizualizations). FinViz provides a number of very well organized color heat maps and bubble diagrams that are updated throughout the trading day giving investors a wonderful overview of the market by segment. Their focus is mainly technical. Their stock screener is top notch. Best of all it's free to register.


Charlie from TX posted over 6 years ago:

Yes I agree Finviz is what I use to do my search it has more fields to include in the search than any other search program that I have found. Plus it's free.

Jim from TX posted over 6 years ago:

Another great website I am surprised is not listed in "Best of the Net" is QuantumOnline.com. It gives an excellent listing and easy to use screen for preferred stocks and and other exchange listed income securities. Its easy to use and gives enough details to well inform about the securities.It's the best I've found for preferred stocks.

James from GA posted over 6 years ago:

Too bad you don't differentiate between web sites that provide downloadable data and/or complete transparency as to methods used to develop opinions.

Also, it would be useful to break down the web sites into the broad categories (by type of information sought) SUCH AS (E)conomic, Stock (M)arket, (S)ector and Industry, (C)ompany analytic categories of fundamental (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, general, etc.), technical (price and volume data), analytical (ratio, sector, and economic measures), and quantitative (mathematical and engineering tools and methods).

My stock trading system uses the acronym EMSCAN (stole the concept from CANSLIM) to stand for Economy, Market, Sector, Company Analytical, Nexus/Nisus. Bet 99 out of 100 have no clue what Nisus means.

Michael from KS posted over 6 years ago:

I'd like to see an article or 1st Cut on OPACC(Operating Profit After Capital Charge).

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