Analyzing Stock and Sector Price Momentum

by Joe Lan, CFA

Analyzing Stock And Sector Price Momentum Splash image

In Michael Kahn’s article in this issue, “Picking the Right Stocks Using Charts,” he recommends adopting a top-down approach to investing by adding relative strength to your investment analysis. Specifically, Kahn advocates the use of charts to visually see relative strength changes rather than simply using numerical relative strength calculations.

Charts and industry strength data can be found online. The f

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Joe Lan, CFA is a financial analyst at AAII.


Garry from Virginia posted over 2 years ago:

Hi Joe,

I bought a copy of Stock Investor Pro several years ago and have never used it. Does this software change over time or should mine be as useful today and it was suppose to be at the time I bought it?

Joe from Illinois posted over 2 years ago:

Hi E,

Stock Investor Pro is updated weekly. You can download the latest update from the Stock Investor Pro area of our website. The link is at the very top. After downloading and installing the latest update, your Stock Investor Pro will be current.

Sam from Missouri posted over 2 years ago:

Hi, has anyone had any experience with the "The ARORA REPORT" editor Nigam Arora of four newsletters that track the ZYX change method?

Keith from New Jersey posted about 1 year ago:

Does SIP cover ETFs?

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