Joseph H. Davis , Ph.D., is the chief economist at Vanguard.


Donald from NY posted over 7 years ago:

You could include GNMA's AS good BOND FUNDS. Vanguard is my choice. There Government backed.

Irene from NY posted over 6 years ago:

do you believe we will have inflation in the next 2 years and is investing in Global stocks/foreign stocks with high yields(4+%) the way to go instead of bonds

Hal from WA posted over 6 years ago:

Thanks for an informative article. For me, you clarified the benefits of laddering my bond portfolio.

Vernon from NE posted over 5 years ago:

why are we reading 2010 charts which are out of
date in this kill the saver world??????

Jay from WI posted over 5 years ago:

Vernon, the article is from 2010. They just linked to it because they thought it relevant to todays low-rate environment and operation twist.

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