Editor's Note

    by Charles Rotblut

    Our annual Individual Investor’s Guide to the Top Mutual Funds has a brand new format this year. The change allows us to cover 66% more funds and get the information to you sooner—two big advantages.

    Previously, as some of you may remember, we published our annual guide as a book. Though the old format served us well, there was room for improvement. The production process took longer, meaning the book could not be sent out until March. Comparing multiple funds was difficult. It was harder to highlight which funds ranked in the top quartile according to specific criteria, such as bear market performance.

    By making the guide a special Journal issue, we are able to create a better product. The guide is in your hands several weeks earlier than last year. You can compare multiple funds on a single page. A combination of color and bold type helps you identify which funds might be right for you, and which may not. Our expanded coverage and table format make it easier to analyze the performance of the funds you own and measure how they have performed relative to their peers. There is even better integration between the printed Journal and the online version than ever before.

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    → Charles Rotblut