! Family and Finances: Start the Dialogue
Gregory Salsbury, Ph.D. is executive vice president of Jackson National Life Distributors LLC.


James from PA posted over 7 years ago:

Good article..... thank you.
My eldest daughter will be receiving this article.

Daniel from MD posted over 6 years ago:

This is one of the better articles on practical wealth management and transfer I have ever read. If people took the time to understand how to protect their assets and enlisted the B.O.S.S technique as a bases; Financial Planners would find business a touch more difficult. But alas the maddening crowd seldom follows sound methodologies.

John Samsell from WA posted over 5 years ago:

Ideas are well thought out but vague. More details about interfacing with you family would be helpful. Thanks Ted

N Krishne Urs from NY posted over 3 years ago:

Excellent article and well thought out.
My children will read this article and learn
to manage family wealth.

Bud from Nevada posted about 1 year ago:

Excellent article, and I suppose I should give myself a pat on the back. I have done all of this (that is applicable) and used "Quicken Willmaker" software to do it, rather than spending a ton on attorney fees. All the documents, including checklists and financial account details are stored on Google Drive with shared access of that folder with the executor and first alternate.

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