Charles Rotblut, CFA is a vice president at AAII and editor of the AAII Journal. Follow him on Twitter at
Thomas Winmill manages the Midas Fund (MIDSX) and is chairman of the investment policy committee for the Midas Perpetual Portfolio fund (MPERX).


Robert from TX posted over 7 years ago:

Interesting and Helpful,thanks

John from OR posted over 7 years ago:

Yes this was very helpful in understanding the investment role of gold and the factors influencing the value of gold mining stocks. Thanks

Clarence from OR posted over 7 years ago:

Absolutely no talks about how to SELL the gold for what you paid for it, or, for a profit.....Nor does anyone discuss how to store gold safely......

Bruce from TN posted over 7 years ago:

I liked the discussion about allocation and gold relative to other metals. I would like to know about buying gold bullion or coins and then how to sell them as well.

Elliott from MD posted over 7 years ago:

Very helpful article on gold investment issues. Would appreciate AAII coverage of the pratical issues concerning purchase, storage and sale of bullion and coins.

John from PA posted over 6 years ago:

Fantastic Article! I use a Texas Instruments BA II Plus to do all my 'net present value' and other financial calcs. This guy knows what he is talking about!

One interesting tidbit: Seth Klarman filed a 13F revealing that he had purchased shares in ANV for Baupost during Q1 of 2011.

John Perry, MD, MBA

Joseph from MN posted over 6 years ago:

The carrying cost of a gold bullion backed ETF like GLD are inconsequential to the portfolio insurance benefits. In today's era of debased currencies, highly correlated asset classes, daily risk-on / risk-off nonsense that leave the individual investor gasping for air. Holding 5% in gold is like having a can of mace to use against the central banks.

Benjamin from MO posted over 6 years ago:

The information from Mr.Winmill was very informative for me.Information on storage and selling of precious coins would be even more enlightening.

David from FL posted over 6 years ago:

Gold is MONEY. The American dollar is just a piece of all currencies. Goverments always have and always will print IOU nothings. The US government has two choices to solve the current and on going USA debt crisis:
1. default or
2. keep printing pieces of money

Guess which one they will choose.
I also cannot tell you what gold will be worth six years from now or even next week. But I can confidently and safely tell you the worth of dollars in your wallet will be stolen from you even as you sleep. Protect your money from the goverment. Study its history and BUY GOLD.

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