In-Depth Information on Major Market Indexes

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    Index fund investors are faced with a huge variety of indexes to choose among. If you want to find out more about the various underlying market indexes—what they are composed of, their historical total return values and their fundamental characteristics—you can check out the sites listed here. Many of these sites also provide downloadable historical information.

    Dow Jones Averages & Indexes

    Dow Jones Indexes
    The Dow Jones industrial average—not technically an index—is one of the most commonly followed stock market indicators. This site provides in-depth coverage of all domestic and global Dow Jones averages, as well as the Dow Jones Wilshire indexes. Includes a historical overview of the Dow Jones averages coupled with detailed data on modern domestic and international indexes. Selected data can be downloaded as Excel files.

    Dow Jones Wilshire Indexes

    Wilshire Associates
    Go to Indexes. The DJ Wilshire indexes include several widely followed indexes of the broad market, such as the DJ Wilshire 5000, designed to track the value of the entire U.S. stock market. Other indexes cover various investment styles as well as sectors, including an Internet index and a real estate index. The Web site contains extensive information on current values and historical performance, how the indexes are constructed, and how they perform relative to other indexes. Downloadable files are available.

    Lehman Brothers Bond Indexes

    Lehman Brothers
    Under “Global Family of Indices.” The Lehman Brothers indexes are the most widely followed fixed-income benchmarks. These include the U.S. Aggregate index; various bond market sectors covering corporate bonds, municipals and government bonds; and the Euro-Aggregate index, the Global Aggregate index and the U.S. Universal index. This Web site provides return information that is updated daily, as well as Index Fact Sheets.

    MSCI Indexes

    MSCI Barra
    The MSCI indexes are among the most commonly followed for the international markets, and include: the MSCI EAFE index, composed of 21 developed country indexes; the MSCI Emerging Markets index, composed of indexes from 26 emerging market countries; and the MSCI U.S. market indexes covering small caps, mid-caps and large caps. MSCI indexes also cover growth and value stocks, as well as sector and industry indexes.

    Morningstar Indexes

    Go to “Markets” and then click on “Morningstar Indexes.” Morningstar currently offers an index family that includes a broad market index, indexes covering style and market capitalizations, sector indexes and two dividend indexes. The Web site provides return information for all of the indexes, as well as Index Fact Sheets.

    Russell Indexes

    The Russell indexes cover various markets, including small-capitalization stocks. The Russell 2000 is widely followed as an index for small-capitalization stocks; the Russell MicroCap index is also widely followed and covers the smallest 1,000 securities in the Russell 2000. This site provides returns, index values, construction and composition data, as well as fundamental data characteristics. Provides daily, monthly, quarterly and annual returns that can be displayed or downloaded.

    Standard & Poor’s Indexes

    Standard & Poor’s
    Select Products & Services and then Indices. Among the most widely followed U.S. market indexes, including the S&P 500, S&P MidCap 400 and the S&P SmallCap 600. Other indexes include those covering various styles and sectors, as well as various foreign indexes. The indexes segment of the site provides current values and historical performance, lists companies added and removed from a given index and describes how the indexes are constructed. Downloadable spreadsheets detail historical earnings and dividend values for the indexes.